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Google Will Reportedly Replace Your Broken Nexus 5 for Free

by Brandon Russell | September 3, 2014September 3, 2014 10:00 pm PST


Even though the Nexus 5 is on its last leg—or maybe because of it—Google is reportedly ready to offer free replacements if your existing device is busted. The search giant allegedly isn’t concerned with semantics, either, so no explanation as to how you broke it is necessary. Google simply wants to give you a new (refurbished) Nexus 5, end of story.

This is especially good news for folks who were stricken by a bout of clumsiness. Admit it; we’ve all dropped our phone at one point or another. But rather than charging a pretty penny for a replacement, Google is seemingly feeling mighty generous. You can still buy one—stock has magically reappeared in the Google Play Store—but nothing beats free.

The news comes from Google+ user Joshua D., who claims the new Google policy began on Sept. 2.

“I cracked my screen today and called Google Play customer service and the rep said I was in luck and they just started this new policy today,” Joshua said. “They will send you a replacement device in the mail and you just ship your damaged device back to [Google].”

The program appears to be one-time, and is only being offered to those who purchased the Nexus 5 through Google Play. The exact details of the program haven’t yet been unveiled—Google hasn’t even commented on the program, so it’s still unclear if it exists or not. Still, if you have a busted Nexus 5, it wouldn’t hurt to call the search giant to see if you can get it replaced.

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