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OnePlus Hoping to Ax its Invite System By October

by Brandon Russell | September 2, 2014September 2, 2014 2:00 pm PST


This October you’ll finally be able to publicly purchase the OnePlus One—six months after the device was officially announced. And not a moment too soon—we’re about to see a huge onslaught of new flagship devices this fall, meaning it’s about time for the Chinese company to put up or shut up.

The OnePlus One has been pretty widely acclaimed as one of this year’s best devices, but it caught the ire of many phone fans because of its bungled invite system. While hype is still pretty high for the device, phones like the iPhone 6, Moto X+1, Galaxy Note 4, Nexus X and others are slated to come out in the coming months, so the OnePlus One definitely has some big competition to go up against.

At $300, though, the OnePlus One is still one of the most attractive phones you can buy; it has one of the nicest designs out there, and the specs are more than capable against some of the big-timers in the Android market.

We are taking this news with a pinch of salt, however. OnePlus announced the October timeframe in an Android subreddit AMA, and things can certainly change between now and next month. If the company does follow up on its promise, though, you’ll no longer have to track down an invite or, worse, pay for an invite just to buy the phone.

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