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Hearthstone Demade for the Game Boy is Glorious

by Joey Davidson | August 31, 2014August 31, 2014 6:00 am PST

Hearthstone Demade on Gameboy - 1

Game Boy demakes are pretty cool, if you ask me. In the hands of a good artists (or artists, I suppose), some of these games look absolutely fantastic if done right. That’s the case with Hearthstone, the stupendously popular virtual card game from Blizzard.

This particular set comes from Gameboydemakes, a Tumblr page dedicated to this type of goodness. They even posted a few GIFs.

It’s worth noting that this is the first bit of work from the site, so hopefully it applies its efforts to other Game Boy titles soon.

What is it about those awesome images, man? Is it the way the modern graphics have been so perfectly rendered into pixel stylings that I grew up with? The Game Boy was a constant in my life on long journeys and late rainy nights inside, maybe this stuff just reminds me of growing up.

And there I get all misty-eyed on you. I need to go back to posting videos of virtual dudes killing things with big, shooty stuff.

Gameboydemakes VG247

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