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These Old People Are Blown Away By the Oculus Rift

by Brandon Russell | August 30, 2014August 30, 2014 1:00 pm PST

Virtual reality technology isn’t just for sitting in the cockpit of a spacecraft, or experiencing the violence of Mother Nature. It can also be used for movies, and maybe even to go on a virtual getaway. The great thing, though, is that it doesn’t just appeal to basement-dwelling pre-pubescents. Even half-senile senior citizens can enjoy what something like Oculus Rift has to offer.

In a new video by TheFineBros, a handful of elders react to the first Oculus Rift developer kit, which as we know isn’t quite as advanced as what will eventually be released to consumers. Many of the folks featured in the video seem to get a real kick out of the technology, though some of them complain about the nauseating side-effects. That dizziness has been fixed, Oculus told us back at CES, thanks to improved technology.

Although we already knew the Oculus Rift was capable of a lot, it’s cool to get the kind of reactions to its effectiveness from people who knew nothing about the company (and its $2 billion acquisition by Facebook). The immersion to them is real, which is the biggest obstacle when creating convincing virtual reality.

“I think it’s bad for kids, because they don’t do anything as it is now,” one of the participants says.

“Sick or house-bound people or older people, they could go anywhere in the world or the universe,” another participant says. “They could tour museums, and it would be like they’re really there.” The same woman rightfully points at that, on the other hand, virtual reality might further breakdown the long-lost art of interacting with other humans face-to-face.


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