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Watch Today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct Right Here!

by Joey Davidson | August 29, 2014August 29, 2014 3:37 am PST

The presentation begins at roughly 34:30 in the video above.

Nintendo of Japan is hosting a Direct presentation specifically for the Nintendo 3DS this morning. It kicks off at 7:00am ET, which should be less than 30 minutes after this post goes live. It will be a Japanese Nintendo Direct, so consider accordingly.

The livestream itself can be viewed above. The show is supposedly going to run for 33 minutes, so expect things to wrap up around 7… well, 7:33am ET. Obviously.

There is not a Nintendo of Europe or Nintendo of America stream for today’s event, so expect some major Japan-focused news. That doesn’t mean that we won’t find out about big games, it just means that the specifics for said games won’t apply to other regions until those regions catch up.

Any big predictions for Nintendo 3DS news? My money’s on Monster Hunter at some point in this presentation.

Update: You can read all about the new Nintendo 3DS in our recap.

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