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iPhone 6 Getting NFC? Another Report Says Yes

by Jacob Kleinman | August 29, 2014August 29, 2014 8:00 am PST

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Reports that Apple may finally embrace Near Field Communications (NFC) this year with the iPhone 6 keep stacking up, and now the Financial Times is backing up those claims as well. A new article from the paper claims Cupertino is working with Dutch firm NXP Semiconductors to supply the NFC chips for its next-generation smartphone, which lines up with earlier reports linking the two companies.

As previously reported, Apple is expected to use NFC technology to power a new mobile payments platform rumored to launch with the iPhone 6 next month. The new service would potentially let you pay at stores and other venues by simply tapping your phone to a point-of-sale terminal. Rumor has it Apple may also use Touch ID and iTunes to help launch mobile payments, though we won’t know for sure until Tim Cook hops on stage early next month.

Alongside a steady stream of reports claiming the iPhone 6 will offer NFC, we’re also starting to see some speculation that Apple could include the same technology in its upcoming wearable device. The company is expected to announce the iWatch next month alongside its new iPhones, so it’s possible the rumored device could also offer mobile payment support of some kind.

It’s still too soon to know for sure, but the option to pay by simply waving your hand at the cash register thanks to NFC could definitely help Apple differentiate its first wearable device from the growing competition.

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