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GTA Online No Longer Works on 12GB PlayStation 3s

by Joey Davidson | August 28, 2014August 28, 2014 8:30 am PST

Grand Theft Auto Online - 8

Thanks to the expanse of GTA Online, the multiplayer arm of Grand Theft Auto V, PlayStation 3 owners who have an un-upgraded version of the 12GB systems are no longer able to play the game.

Rockstar recently released a support document specifically for this issue and these gamers. In that document, they seem like they are linking to instructions regarding the process for upgrading the hard drive in the aforementioned PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, it’s just the product page for that specific model.

Here’s the word from Sony regarding upgrading this PS3:

If you would like to expand your storage space for your PlayStation®3 system, you may purchase the Officially Licensed 500 GB HDD Kit* upgrade. No need to modify your PS3 system— The upgrade kit provides everything you need to just plug in the hard disk drive and game on.

*Available at select retailers.

You know, I almost thought about stopping this story right here, but I figured I’d search out this hard drive kit just to see how much it will cost users to upgrade.

Here’s the thing, I can’t find the officially licensed kit that they’re talking about. It looks like Best Buy carried it at one point, but it’s no longer there. I can’t find it on Amazon, GameStop or any places like that. I can find third party alternatives, though reviews typically warn about missing documentation or difficulty installing.

My point? It might be a lot harder to get GTA Online working for 12GB PS3 owners than simply “upgrading” with a kit.

Has anyone done this with any luck?”


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