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Coin Card iOS App Goes Live: Find Out When Yours Will Ship

by Todd Haselton | August 28, 2014August 28, 2014 2:30 pm PST

We’ve been following the Coin Card closely since it was announced as a new gadget that will help manage all of your credit and debit cards in one place. The company has stumbled a little bit along the way, now only offering 15,000 beta testers the opportunity to test its product before it goes live sometime in the spring of next year. However, if you are an early backer who has received notifications to “claim your coin,” today is the day to download the iOS app.

The iOS application will eventually help you manage your Coin, but the application right now is meant to inform you when your Coin card will ship. A similar application will be available for Android users on September 25, and Coin has promised that choosing one platform over the other won’t affect your ability to participate in the beta program, if you’re selected. The application also shows a bit how the whole service will work.

First you’ll need to log-in to your existing Coin account, which every backer should have already. Then, you can snap pictures of your credit and debit cards to add them to your Coin wallet. You’ll be able to manage everything from the app and can also delete cards, call customer support, tweak your Coin security settings and more. The application requires users to set up a “tap code,” which Coin says is a “Morse code-like sequence that you’ll use each time you open the Coin app.” The code includes 6 short and/or long taps. It’s unique, but seems easy to forget.

Once you’ve set that up and confirmed your address and birth date, Coin will alert you when the product is expected to ship. Our app said we can expect it by the end of November, 2014. We’ll keep you informed as the beta process continues. Hit the source for the iTunes link to download the Coin iOS app now.


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