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Apple Updates HealthKit Privacy Policy Ahead of iWatch Announcement

by Brandon Russell | August 28, 2014August 28, 2014 5:00 pm PST


When Apple’s HealthKit platform starts getting stuffed with personal user data, third-parties will not have the authorization to sell your information to advertisers.

Apple on Thursday quietly updated HealthKit’s privacy policy to ensure the platform is only used to provide users with health updates. That’s a relief, and quells some major concerns heading into Apple’s Sept. 9 event, which reports claim will unveil the company’s long-rumored iWatch.

HealthKit is part of iOS 8, Apple’s big new mobile update that focuses on refining the re-designed experience that was released last year. Apple hit a head of steam by releasing a number of betas every few weeks, though the company has been pretty quiet as of late. That’s no doubt due to the company’s announcement, which will likely reveal iOS 8’s official release date.

Today’s change marks a big step toward complete user privacy when HealthKit is available. Nobody wants advertisers to know their deepest, darkest health secrets—Apple’s newest update is meant to remind companies that do have access to this data don’t go spreading it around to their closest friends.

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