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Apple Tries and Fails to Block More Samsung U.S. Sales

by Jacob Kleinman | August 28, 2014August 28, 2014 8:00 am PST

Apple vs Samsung - Rock em Sock em Robots

Apple and Samsung have been facing off in court for years now, but it looks like the epic legal battle may finally be winding down. The two companies recently agreed to drop all lawsuits outside of U.S. courts, and now it looks like Apple may not be able to block Samsung sales here.

California judge Lucy Koh shot down Apple’s efforts to block Samsung U.S. sales based on its latest lawsuit. A ruling from May established that the South Korean company had infringed on three more Apple patents. Even so, Koh argues that Cupertino wasn’t actually able to prove it “suffered significant harm” to its revenue or reputation as a result.

So it looks Apple won’t be able to block Samsung sales here in the U.S. without first heading back to court, though hopefully today’s order signals a coming end to what’s felt like an endless legal battle between the two tech titans. In the meantime, Samsung is still looking for a way out of the $930 million it already owes Cupertino from its iconic 2012 trial, and Apple’s not giving up on that ruling anytime soon.

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