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Samsung Boasts “Thousands of Apps” for its Gear Lineup

Samsung Galaxy Gear-Metal Screws

Samsung managed to beat both Google and Apple to the punch with a a smartwatch operating system of its own, and while the Gear lineup hasn’t been a huge success it definitely gave the company a head start over the competition. Now almost a year after the original Galaxy Gear was announced, Samsung says it offers thousands of different smartwatch apps.

The company’s Tizen-powered lineup may not offer the same baked-in Google services you get with Android Wear, but it’s hard to argue with pure quantity. After all, one of our biggest complaints when it comes to Google’s wearable OS is that it doesn’t do enough. Samsung may offer more apps, but does that necessarily mean you can do more with a Tizen smartwatch?

In a new infographic Samsung highlights its top five apps. There’s Runtastic for tracking your heart rate, calories burned and other data during exercise as well as Drink Water—you can probably guess what that app tracks. There’s even a special Baby Sitting app, which turns your smartphone into a nursery camera, and your smartwatch vibrates when the baby starts crying. Your Gear smartwatch can also translate 38 different languages on the spot, and lets you play 2048 if you need to kill some time on a long flight.

There are thousands of additional apps to choose from, though not every application will work on every Samsung Gear smartwatch. Pebble still offers one of the best solutions out there, though we’re hoping the Moto 360 has some tricks up its sleeve when it launches in the coming weeks. For now, you can check out Samsung’s full infographic below.

samsung gear apps infographic


Jacob Kleinman

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