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Pandora Brings Its Music Prediction Magic to Google Glass

by Jacob Kleinman | August 27, 2014August 27, 2014 6:00 pm PST

pandora glass 1

Despite the growing popularity of on-demand streaming services like Spotify, there’s still something to be said for Pandora’s powerful recommendation engine. The Internet radio service already has a huge lead over its newer rivals. Now it’s bringing those skills to Google Glass as well.

The new Pandora app for Google Glass was developed during the its most recent 72-hour hackathon. After running the new app by Google the company is officially launching its service on Glass.

The tweaked version of Pandora offers pretty much the same experience you’ll find on any other platform, though it depends heavily on Google’s voice recognition technology. You can launch an existing radio station or create a new one on the fly with a spoken command. Meanwhile, the touchpad will let you thumb-up or thumb-down a specific song. That’s also how you’ll pause, stop or skip a track.

pandora glass

If you own a pair of Google Glass you can head to now do download the new Pandora app. Then it should only take a few moments to log in and sync your account to the new device. Is it going to convince anyone to finally cough up cash to buy Google Glass? No, probably not.


Jacob Kleinman

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