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Microsoft’s Standalone Kinect for Xbox One Going on Sale In October

by Brandon Russell | August 27, 2014August 27, 2014 5:15 pm PST

Microsoft Xbox One-Kinect-Front

When Microsoft took the Kinect out of its Xbox One launch bundle, people rolled their eyes as if to say, “finally.” This move dropped the price of the Xbox One down to $399, making it more competitive to Sony’s PlayStation 4, and Microsoft immediately saw an impact.

Now, for anyone who purchased the Xbox One without a Kinect and wants to pick one up can do so in October for $150. Maybe that $499 price wasn’t all that bad.

There’s still really no compelling reason to buy a Kinect, though the voice features are pretty handy when navigating the Xbox One. It’s also become pretty helpful when hopping on Twitch, and it’s great for Skype video calls, so there are ways to get value out of it.

If you do decide to purchase the Kinect for $150, Microsoft will throw in Dance Central Spotlight for free, so there’s that. Dancing and fitness titles have typically been the top games to take advantage of Kinect’s technology, so it’s no surprise to see one included.

Microsoft said that it still believes the Xbox One experience is better with Kinect, particularly in situations when navigating with voice and using Skype. Sure, OK, good examples, but worth $150? That’s for you to decide.

Will all those folks who purchased the Xbox One without a Kinect suddenly go out and pick one up? Unlikely. But if you do decide to buy it, you can do so Oct. 7.


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