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Final Fantasy Creator Will Bring His Next Game to Consoles After 2 Million Downloads

by Ron Duwell | August 27, 2014August 27, 2014 9:30 pm PST

Terra Battle

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and his studio Mistwalker are returning to the JRPG genre in October with a free-to-play mobile game called Terra Battle. Not a whole lot is known about it aside from it featuring a grid-based strategy battle system, but even with such little information, Sakaguchi has an interesting proposition for fans who want to see him return to the console space.

Two million downloads. If the free-to-play game crosses the two million download mark, Sakaguchi promises to bring his RPG to modern day consoles. After being absent from console development since The Last Story launched for the Wii, this could be the biggest chance we have of getting this important figure in video game history back into the seat of what he does best: making wonderful RPGs.

In fact, Sakaguchi’s promise of a port is just the final prize in a series of promises he will keep after his game hits certain goals.

  • 100,000 downloads: New song(s) by Nobuo Uematsu
  • 200,000 downloads: New characters by Hideo Minaba
  • 300,000 downloads: In-game appearance by manga artist Nakaba Suzuki
  • 1,000,000 downloads: A concert for Terra Battle
  • 1,400,000 downloads: Commencement of figurine production
  • 2,000,000  downloads: Development of a console version of Terra Battle

So the more downloads the game can score, the better and better it will become. I’m not too thrilled about the idea of playing it on a smartphone, but it’s something I would be proud to pick up and play on a PlayStation 4 maybe. Even if I have no intention of playing it, I’ll download it for free just for the chance to do that. I request that you do the same.

Without Final Fantasy and without Hironobu Sakaguchi, I think my gaming career would have taken an extremely different path, meaning I probably would have stuck to Nintendo consoles exclusively over the years and missed out on many of my favorite PlayStation games.

Who knows? Maybe Sakaguchi will be able to have the same effect on another person if he gets the chance.


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