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Cyanogen May Be Working On a Secret New Smartphone

by Jacob Kleinman | August 27, 2014August 27, 2014 2:30 pm PST

cyanogen branding 1

We’re still pretty happy with the OnePlus One but it looks like Cyanogen may already be moving on to its next piece of hardware. The company confirmed this week that it’s working on a mysterious new project with Nextbit, a little known firm that has scooped up some serious talent in the past year.

Nextbit has hired tech veterans from Google and Amazon. More recently, the company announced it was bringing HTC’s former head of design Scott Croyle onboard. Based on what we saw from the last few flagship HTC phones, we have a feeling this mysterious new Cyanogen device could blow us away, though for now it’s way too soon to know what the two companies could be working on.

In a recent Google+ post Cyanogen asked fans to test out “something really cool” suggesting the company could be branching out in an entirely new direction. The software-maker recently hinted at plans to push into other platforms including wearable devices, smart TVs and even cars, so it’s hard to say exactly what Nextbit might be working on. We’re hoping for a new Cyanogen smartphone with HTC-level design, though it might also be interesting to see the company take on the smartwatch.

Jacob Kleinman

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