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Jon Rettinger Doesn’t Want You to Read This – 10k Twitch Followers Means He Eats a Ghost Pepper

by Joey Davidson | August 26, 2014August 26, 2014 12:15 pm PST

Alright, keep it down…

One of our Twitch viewers suggested that we need more followers (we totally agree). Their idea for getting us to hit a high number? Make Jon Rettinger take on the Ghost Pepper Challenge.

Jon agreed. He’s made the agreement public by announcing it on Twitch, but I figured the readers here should probably know. If we reach 10,000 followers in the first six months, he’ll eat a ghost pepper while (probably) doing an unboxing video for YouTube. Here’s the verbiage on the deal from our Twitch page.

Community Challenge

If our new channel reaches 10k followers by February, Jon Rettinger will do the Ghost Pepper challenge in a video, and maybe even attempt to do an unboxing at the same time. Help us get to our goal

Good Mythical Morning took the challenge a while back. This is what Jon’s in for.

Haha, man, poor Jon.

Here’s a big link to our Twitch channel, because someone will undoubtedly ask where it is.

We’ve had our Twitch channel live for a week now, and we’re growing on a daily basis. We’ve hit 1,388 followers as of drafting this story. Less than 9k to go.

So, head there, log in (or create an account) and follow us on Twitch. Don’t just follow us, come and hang out. We play games daily, and we make it our mission to interact with you folks, take you on in battles and more.

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