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The White Destiny PlayStation 4 Gets Unboxed

by Joey Davidson | August 25, 2014August 25, 2014 9:30 am PST

When Bungie and Activision launch Destiny on Sept. 9, those looking to play the game on the PlayStation 4 will have the opportunity to do so with a new, white bundle in their sights.

PlayStation Access got a hold of the white Destiny PlayStation 4 bundle a couple weeks ahead of release, and it has gone and unboxed it for the world to enjoy. That’s the video you see at the head of this post.

So, sure, there’s nothing too crazy going on in the box. I personally love the white PlayStation 4, but I absolutely think the white DualShock 4 is the best part of the bundle. There’s just something about that controller in unique hues that I really like.

I suppose the only real surprise about the unboxing in my world is that we’ll actually get a physical copy of Destiny. Most of these bundles feature download vouchers for the games they include, so seeing a real box in a box is rather exciting.

Anyone picking up this console bundle when Destiny launches? It’ll sell for $449.99.

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