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T-Mobile Intros New Simple Starter Data Option – Is it a Good Deal?

by Todd Haselton | August 25, 2014August 25, 2014 9:00 am PST


We told you the carrier wars are good for everyone. T-Mobile on Monday announced that it is offering a new option for Simple Starter plan customers that allows them to add more data for a small monthly fee. It’s a great deal but there are some sacrifices versus a Simple Choice plan you should know about.

The Simple Starter plan typically offers 500MB of data and unlimited text messages and voice minutes for $40 per month. Now, T-Mobile will add 1.5GB of additional data, bringing the full amount available for a customer to 2GB of data per month, for $5 more each month. That brings the total monthly bill for Simple Starter plan customers to $45. As is the case with all Simple Starter plans, the data cuts off after 2GB of data is consumed and it’s not available in any sort of family plan package.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile’s entry-level Simple Choice plan offers 1GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited talk and text for $50 per month, which is actually $5 more than the new Simple Starter offer and with half of the data bucket. That data, however, doesn’t cut off after you’ve consumed 1GB in a month and is simply throttled down to slower speeds. Streaming music services on this plan also don’t count toward data usage. Simple Choice also provides international services, like global roaming and texting, and those options aren’t available for Simple Starter plans.

All things considered, this actually looks like a pretty good deal and, depending on your data usage, you might want to consider the Simple Starter plan instead of a Simple Choice option. If you don’t travel internationally, don’t typically consume more than 2GB of data and don’t need the unlimited music streaming option, then you should probably choose the new Simple Starter option over Simple Choice.

Simple Starter customers should see the option starting Sept. 3; it’s available for a limited time and T-Mobile didn’t say when it will stop offering it.


Todd Haselton

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