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Ubisoft Shares Gamescom “Through the eyes of a Cosplayer” in This Video

by Joey Davidson | August 24, 2014August 24, 2014 10:00 am PST

Ubisoft asked a few fans/cosplayers to head to Gamescom 2014 in character specific garb. They followed them around a bit with cameras and shot some of their exploits during the show.

By “exploits” I mean walking straight and maybe standing still for a bit. Ah, wondrous.

Here’s the blurb in the video’s official YouTube description.

We followed our Uplay VIP Cosplayers around Gamescom 2014, as they took in the sights and sounds of Europe’s biggest gaming extravaganza!

I imagine the cameras following these folks kept this experience from being a genuine one. Every convention I’ve ever attended sees cosplayers constantly stopped for pictures and poses, especially if the costumes are good.

Take away the tunes and this is pretty much what going to a convention is like. Big rooms, lots of lines, noise and flattering lighting. Also, video games. There were video games there, I promise.

Joey Davidson

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