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LG Teases Circular G Watch R Ahead of IFA Unveiling


LG is already set to deliver its second Android Wear watch, just over two months after its first went on sale. The company today uploaded a video to YouTube that teases a round “G Watch R” that will make its debut at IFA 2014 in Berlin next month.

The original G Watch might have been one of the first Android Wear watches on the market, but it’s the Moto 360 that is getting the vast majority of would-be smartwatch wearers most excited — mostly thanks to its stunning stainless steel design that sports a more traditional circular face.

LG obviously wasn’t content with seeing its own Android Wear device cast aside, so it’s taking a second stab with a new model that looks to be much more attractive. Called the G Watch R, the device has a physical button on its side and a circular watch face just like the Moto 360.

The video doesn’t reveal everything, of course, so we don’t yet know what the G Watch R will be made out of or whether it will be any different internally to the original G Watch. It looks as though some of the shots reveal a metal casing, but we’re not going to jump to any conclusions just yet.

We don’t expect the G Watch R’s specifications to be vastly different to the original G Watch’s, but we are keeping out fingers crossed for better battery life and a much-improved display that will actually be viewable outdoors. If LG can address the complaints users have had with its first Android Wear device — and make its new one a much prettier model — then it might well just deliver the perfect package.

A recent report from Korea did promise a new LG watch for IFA that would be a “serious game changer,” and it looks like that’s exactly what we’re going to get. IFA kicks off on September 5, so we don’t have too long to wait until all will be revealed.

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