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Microsoft Set To Take on Google With Chromecast Competitor

by Brandon Russell | August 23, 2014August 23, 2014 10:00 am PST


Apple has Apple TV, Google has Chromecast and even Amazon has the Fire TV. Microsoft, presumably feeling left out, is reportedly working on its own cheap streaming stick in an effort to keep up with the Joneses. An FCC filing spotted by Windows Phone Daily suggests the Redmond company is toying with the idea of a Chromecast-like device, which would feature Wi-Fi, HDMI and a USB port. Sounds pretty familiar.

Apparently Microsoft’s device would feature Miracast; Windows Phone and Windows users would then have the option to beam their content to a larger screen. As many have pointed out, Miracast isn’t quite as flexible as Google’s Cast technology in that it doesn’t allow multiple people in the same room to share control over the device. That’s a huge part of the Chromecast’s charm. You can still, however, mirror your device; give that capability to millions of Windows machines across the world and you have a pretty compelling Chromecast alternative.

Of course, the dongle will need to be cheap. The Chromecast is the cheapest of the bunch at just $35, making it more inexpensive than even a tank of gas. A filing doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll definitely see something, and really there’s very little information about the mysterious streamer. But it’s really no surprise to hear Microsoft wants to join in on the fun.

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