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Coin Card: It’s Time to Claim Yours

by Todd Haselton | August 22, 2014August 22, 2014 10:00 am PST


The Coin Card, the gadget that’s supposed to replace most everything in your wallet, is finally about to hit the market. We’ve been following the company’s moves closely and, today, it finally sent out e-mails to early backers. If you backed the project, you should now have an e-mail asking you to claim your Coin card.

We just went through the process and it’s very easy. Simply tap the “Claim Your Coin” link inside of the e-mail, create an account, and then choose “Claim” or “Gift.” Assuming you already paid for the device when you backed it, you won’t owe anything else for payment. The next step is downloading the iOS app on August 28 or the Android app on September 25. Once you’ve downloaded the app, Coin will tell you when you can expect to receive the product.

The company said recently that beta tests have been positive. We hope that means that we aren’t going to be forcing waiters and waitresses, and check-out counters, to accept the device over cash or a standard debit or credit card. The company does warn that there’s an 85 percent swipe acceptance rate during the beta period, which early backers have a choice to be a part of. There isn’t a left-behind alert just yet, and the company warns that you should still carry a back-up credit or debit card just in case. Additionally, international backers are being left out of the beta for now.

The full version of Coin is expected to launch in the spring of 2015, and that version will include the left-behind alert and, hopefully, a better swipe acceptance rate.

Todd Haselton

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