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BlackBerry Lists Benefits of BBM While iMessage Spam Rises

by Brandon Russell | August 22, 2014August 22, 2014 8:00 pm PST


BlackBerry is pointing fingers and laughing at Apple’s expense. The Waterloo-based company this week posted a cheeky blog post highlighting a rather unfortunate new stat about Apple’s iMessage. Turns out the messaging service is susceptible to spam messages; the platform reportedly accounts for 30-percent of mobile spam, according to a recent report.

There’s no other way to slice it—that is a lot.

BlackBerry seizes the opportunity to say how terrific BBM, which is now available on other platforms, is in comparison. I have been on and off iOS over the past two years, and haven’t noticed a single instance of spam. But that doesn’t mean other users aren’t experiencing those issues.

BlackBerry lists five reasons arguing why iMessage users should switch. The first, and BlackBerry’s biggest reason, is that iMessage is inherently vulnerable because the platform uses a person’s phone number and/or Apple ID.

“With BBM, users have a lot more control due to our “invite and accept” paradigm,” BlackBerry explained. “In other words, both parties need to be mutually committed to being contacts in order to send and receive messages.”

Of course, BlackBerry also highlights the company’s stellar security, which is why many businesses still use the platform for enterprise purposes.

BlackBerry can fling all the reasons it wants about why iMessage is the inferior product, but the fact is is that BBM is no longer the go-to messaging platform, and hasn’t been for a long time. Other platforms, WhatsApp in particular, have taken over, while the convenience of iMessage being built right into iOS devices is a major reason why it’s used.

There are some new features coming to iMessage this fall with the arrival of iOS 8, though there’s still no direct way to block unknown spammers. With reports coming out suggesting the problem is becoming more rampant across the platform, hopefully Apple does something soon to address this. Hit the source to see the other pros BlackBerry lists for BBM.


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