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Verizon: We’re Not Building a New App Store

by Todd Haselton | August 21, 2014August 21, 2014 11:00 am PST

HTC One M8 2014-Apps

Yesterday a report from The Information suggested that Verizon was working, possibly even with other carriers, to build a new app store to rival Google Play. It wouldn’t be the first time Verizon has attempted such a feat, years ago the carrier launched a piece of software called V Cast Apps, which was eventually shuttered in 2013.

Verizon is now on the record and says it’s not building any such store.  “We have no plans to do that,” Verizon explained to Re/Code. “Been there. Done that.” As Re/code notes, The Information still says that its report is accurate and that it believes Verizon is indeed trying to build some sort of new store to sell applications directly to consumers. The store will reportedly try to recommend applications based on a user’s location, the time of day and more, The Information said yesterday.

We’re not quite sure why an extra place to buy applications might need to exist, or what Verizon might do better this time around. If it is really planning a major push, however, it probably does want to keep it under wraps.


Todd Haselton

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