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iPhone Owners Will Soon Be Able Turn On the Model S Without A Key

by Brandon Russell | August 21, 2014August 21, 2014 4:15 pm PST


Lost your car keys? Most of us would need to call a tow truck, but if own a Tesla, all you need is an iPhone. Apple and Tesla—it has a nice ring to it, no?

In an update spotted by 9to5Mac, details for Version 6 suggest iPhone owners will be able to turn their Tesla Model S on without a key. The implementation will supposedly be similar to Chevy’s remote-start feature, though Volta owners do need the transponder key in order to actually drive the car.

With the newest Model S update, however, no such limitations are placed on iPhone owners, so your device essentially becomes your car keys—a Tesla Android app is supposed to be available “in a few weeks.” Keep in mind that this information is coming from a beta of Version 6, so it could be a while yet before all of this hits.

Here’s where the news gets even juicier. It seems Tesla will take advantage of Apple’s Touch ID sensor, which is being opened up to third-party developers in iOS 8. That’s the speculation anyway.

Other updates coming to Version 6 will allegedly include navigation improvements, new power managements options, calendar support and the ability to give your Model S a custom name. Sniffles. I’d name mine Sniffles.

So the next time your lose your keys, at least you can continue to drive your car. All you need is an iPhone (or Android) and a Tesla Model S.


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