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Hyrule Warriors Doubled Wii U Sales Over Two Weeks

by Ron Duwell | August 21, 2014August 21, 2014 12:45 pm PST

Early estimates were showing that Hyrule Warriors had become something of a system mover for Nintendo’s Wii U. Again, not many were expecting this tribute game to make too much of a splash, but in a country where both Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, the game’s inspirations, are still vastly more popular than in America, anything is possible.

Japanese research firm Media Creates now has some solid numbers to help show just how much of an effect the game had on hardware sales. On its own, Hyrule Warriors sold 69,090 copies at retail, a figure that is certainly nothing to get excited over. When Yokai Watch can sell 2 million in a month, and every Dragon Quest game crosses the 1 million mark after a single weekend, 69,090 isn’t that much.

On the other hand, though, take a look at the Wii U sales. Over the course of the week that Hyrule Warriors became available, Japan’s summer vacation, the Wii U sold an unusually high number of consoles, clocking in at 18,161. This is up 5,000 units from the previous week, which sat at 13,598, and more than double the week before that, which was still lingering down in the four digit region.

So while it was not the kind of mega hit Nintendo is looking for these days, Hyrule Warriors has gained a substantial number of fans who bought a Wii U just to play it. Nintendo must be happy with these results, and now all eyes are on America to see if the game can recreate that success on an entirely new scale.

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