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Capcom Confirms TGS 2014 Line-up with Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney

The Great Ace Attorney

Capcom has launched a new portal website aimed at promoting its line-up at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2014 in Tokyo, Japan.

However, nothing it has at its own booth accounts for a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One game. At the Capcom booth, all you’ll be able to go hands on with is handheld games. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, The Great Ace Attorney and  Gaist Crusher God make up he company’s developed games. Call me a shoe-in for the first two, but not so much for the third.

Capcom also has a new partnership with Marvelous, and two of its games will also be on display. Forbidden Manga on the Nintendo 3DS and Bakumatsu Rock Ultra Soul for the PS Vita and PSP make up this half of the equation. Yes, developers are still making games for the PSP in Japan.

Surprisingly, the website makes no mention of the recently leaked Resident Evil Revelations 2. The Xbox 360 title is also expected to show up as a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC game as well, but Capcom is still operating under the impression that this was supposed to be a surprise. Gee, thanks a lot!

Another major omissions is deep down, Capcom’s free-to-play PlayStation 4 RPG. It has been hit with delays and uncertainty ever since I went hands on with it last year, but the reasoning behind this could just mean it will be available at Sony’s section instead.

Electricity is in the air and at my fingertips as Japan enters September. I am thrilled to be attending Tokyo Game Show once again, and if you enjoyed our coverage last year, be sure to check in from September 18th – 21st for full coverage on all the latest games from Japan.

Capcom Gematsu

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