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Wasteland 2 Gets Official September Release Date – The End is Nigh

by Joey Davidson | August 20, 2014August 20, 2014 3:30 pm PST

Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 is finally fully coming out. It has an official release date and everything.

Brian Fargo, Director of the game, officially announced the September launch point on Twitter. He genuinely seems pumped:

And pumped he should be. Now that Wasteland 2 is dropping on Sept. 19, we can put a cap on the development of a game most never thought they’d see again.

Even after the successful Kickstarter, some were questioning whether or not this game would come. It was funded back in April of 2012 and set to release in October of 2013. That came and went, and we’re approaching almost a full year after its initial release target.

Hey, that’s all good. As long as the game is solid, I’m excited. It’s been available on Steam as an Early Access effort for a while now, but I’ve started to avoid those projects.

Wasteland 2 will officially hit the PC, Mac and Linux platforms on Sept. 19. Are you going to grab this post-apocalyptic RPG?

Joey Davidson

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