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Verizon Could Take on Google Play With an App Store of its Own

by Jacob Kleinman | August 20, 2014August 20, 2014 11:00 am PST

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Remember the Verizon app store? The carrier’s first attempt to sell software directly to Android and BlackBerry users only lasted a few years before closing shop in early 2013, but a new report from The Information claims Verizon Wireless could make another play at the Android app market. The firm is apparently still in early talks with potential partners.

The new Verizon app store could be a collaboration between multiple carrier’s and hardware companies, and would reportedly launch exclusively on Android to square-off against Google’s own Play Store. The new mobile market could offer special features based on Verizon’s wireless network, though it’s unclear exactly what that might entail. The report also claims the app store may introduce a new recommendation system based on your location, the current time and other factors.

Verizon will need more than just a few new tricks to compete with Google Play, though if it can work with other carriers to get its app store pre-installed on new Android devices it might just stand a chance. Whether the network succeeds will ultimately depend on third-party developers. Apple and Google have essentially cornered the market at this point, and it won’t be easy to win app-makers’ support without offering some serious incentives. Still, we’re curious to see what Verizon has planned, especially if it means an fresh way to find new apps.

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