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I Didn’t Buy a Wii U to Play Assassin’s Creed. Did You?

by Joey Davidson | August 20, 2014August 20, 2014 10:30 am PST

I don’t know about you, but I bought a Wii U for a few reasons. As I sit back and examine them in my head, I run by a list that includes ZeldaMario, (hopefully) MetroidPikmin and a virtual console filled with classics.

I bought a Wii U for this.

Not this.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - Freedom Cry DLC - 3

You know what I don’t consider in my “must-have” pile for the Wii U? Assassin’s Creed 42, or whatever number we’re up to now.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those games. I liked Black Flag quite a bit, and I’m excited to pick up Unity (the jury’s still out on Rogue). But, when Ubisoft’s CEO comes out and says that they’ll no longer make mature games for the Wii U, I find it exceptionally hard to care.

Sure, I’ll miss out on stuff like ZombiU, a longshot of a game that’s been criminally ignored. Really, though, who cares?

Luigi in SmashUbisoft, give me more Rayman Legends type games on the Wii U. Turn out stuff like Child of LightValiant Hearts and the likes rather than porting me another copy of Watch_Dogs.

If I want that Watch_Dogs or Assassin’s Creed experience, I’ll play it on a console built around mature gaming. The Wii U, at its core, is about offbeat fun. When you try to cram ports into the Wii U’s control scheme rather than creating original experiences, gamers notice.

Why would I play Assassin’s Creed on my Wii U? The gamepad mini-map? Come on, you’ll have to do better.

Ubisoft’s no longer making mature games for the Wii U? Cool. Sounds like some great fodder for forum-based arguments about how doomed Nintendo is.

For me? The gamer who likes his Wii U as much as his Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC? I really don’t care. I still have Mario Kart 8Pikmin 3Wind Waker HDSuper Mario 3D World and a whole lot more to enjoy.

I don’t think I’ll be too worked up about not having Watch_Dogs 2 on my Wii U when I’m playing the new Smash and Zelda, will you?

Joey Davidson

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