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Is this Cheetos and PvZ: Garden Warfare Crossover as Good as that 7 Up Game for the NES?

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has been dealt an interesting partnership with Cheetos, those crazy puffs of powdered cheddar that nearly pushed me into a food coma every time I had a sleepover with my friends growing up.

Chester, you remember Chester, is available as a costume and weapon set in Garden Warfare. All it takes is a trip to Target and a bag of specially marked Cheetos. Then you too will be living the dream. Read up on the full rules and such right here.

Chester’s done this whole video game thing before. He actually has titles on both the Genesis and SNES.

For my money, though, no terrible food character does video games quite like Spot from 7 Up. There’s Spot: The Video Game, which wasn’t very good. Then came Cool Spot and Spot Goes to Hollywood, two platformers that made all of us fans of 7 Up.

Is this as good as the NES game from Spot? Probably better, actually. But the platformers that hit the SNES? Sorry Chester, Spot wins.

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