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Where Are All the Nexus Devices?

by Brandon Russell | August 19, 2014August 19, 2014 10:00 pm PST


Where have all the Nexus devices gone?

Taking a quick gander at the Google Play store shows only a few iterations of the Nexus 5 can be purchased, while the Nexus 7 isn’t even available in any storage capacity. The Nexus 10, meanwhile, which is the oldest of the bunch, is out of stock as well. Peculiar. Are that many people buying Nexus devices right now? Or, just maybe, are newer Nexus devices on the way?

We’re definitely hoping we’ll see new devices soon, and there are plenty of rumors to suggest we’ll be seeing something soon. Not only is a rumored Motorola-made Nexus device inbound, but we’ve also heard of HTC working on the Nexus 8. If Google wants to push out fresh wares, it sure makes sense for Google to purge its inventory to make way for new gear.

Last year the Nexus 5 didn’t come out until the end of October (along with Android 4.4 KitKat), while the Nexus 7 came out much earlier in the summer. Google will no doubt want to align the release of its new devices with Android L, though it’s unclear when the company’s new mobile OS will launch.

The fact that most of the Nexus lineup is out of stock could mean nothing, but it could also be our biggest hint yet that new devices are on the way. And even though we’re loving the almost one-year-old Nexus 5, we wouldn’t mind seeing a 5.9-inch Nexus phone made by Motorola released in the near future.

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