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Xbox One’s August Update Tweaks Social Stuff and Mobile Purchases

by Joey Davidson | August 18, 2014August 18, 2014 1:30 pm PST

If you fire up your Xbox One today, you might be greeted with a brand new system update. The update has started rolling out now, so it should be on your machine in a matter of days.

Along with the download comes a few tweaks and feature additions that have been requested several times by the greater Xbox community.

The social stream now lets users like and share content, meaning that I’ll be able to share Eric’s gameplay vids with anyone who follows me but not him. That’s new, though seemingly very obvious.

As the video details, we’ll also be getting one of my favorite Xbox 360 features. Mobile purchases. If you buy a game from your phone or your PC, it will automatically be downloaded to your Xbox One immediately. Buy the game at work? It’ll be ready when you get home.

Of course, that comes with some settings tweaks.

Users will also see things like 3D support in Blu-ray, a new low-battery notification and the ability to disable notifications just during video playback.

What features are you hoping to see in coming updates?

Joey Davidson

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