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Watch the Halo Channel, Get Halo 5 In-Game Rewards

by Joey Davidson | August 18, 2014August 18, 2014 4:30 pm PST

If want to binge-watch all of the Halo content that’s soon to roll on the upcoming Halo Channel on Xbox One, don’t feel too bad. All of that effort will actually lead to some rewards.

It turns out that viewing stuff on the Halo Channel will lead users to a reward screen, as 343 Industries Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill told Polygon.

“When you get to the end of a show it will show you all the things you’ve unlocked and experienced…”

We imagine that reward screen will be the same one shown off by Microsoft during last week’s Gamescom. Here it is.

Halo Channel - 4

Wolfkill went on.

“…another key part of that is rewarding you for the things you’ve done in the channel and ecosystem. So, Halo: Nightfall for instance will have unlocks in The Master Chief Collection and in the Halo 5 beta that will carry into Halo 5 and vice versa.

What we really want to do is create this really seamless ecosystem that allows you to experience different things together and be rewarded for that.”

For Microsoft, the more involved users are in content and media, the more likely they’ll be to stick around and buy up all the games, DLC and subscription plans that surround them.

If I watch 24 hours of Halo: Nightfall, I’ll absolutely use the sweet in-game helmet that might be given to me for the viewing feat.

The Halo Channel will roll out as an app for the Xbox One, Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 on Nov. 11. That’s the same day as The Master Chief Collection.


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