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Virgin America Gives Entire Flight Crew a Nexus 7

by Killian Bell | August 17, 2014August 17, 2014 11:00 am PST

Virgin CrewPad

Virgin America is giving every member of its flight crew a Nexus 7 to increase efficiency in the air. Now nicknamed the “CrewPad” by Virgin, Google’s device has already taken part in a 30-day test run, which it passed with flying colors. (Get it?)

The Nexus 7 will be used to improve customer service during flights, and to make life a little easier for flight attendants while they’re in the air. Its main purpose will be to provide notifications to staff when you place an order for food or drink through the Red in-flight entertainment system.

“The Nexus 7 tablet from Google will replace our existing tablets, providing a thinner, lighter and faster solution and a state-of-the-art 7-inch touch screen,” Virgin said in a post on its blog. “And the best part – the tablets will give us a great foundation for the future, with the ability to constantly enhance the software and make the service even more personalized for our guests.”

Virgin has already begun rolling out CrewPads to its staff following a 30-day trial, during which the device improved efficiency and received great feedback from flight staff, Virgin says. See if you can spot a CrewPad the next time you fly Virgin America.

Virgin America Droid-Life

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