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The PlayStation 4 is the Top-Selling Console of July

by Joey Davidson | August 16, 2014August 16, 2014 8:00 am PST

Xbox One Controller vs PlayStation 4 controller, stack

The results for July’s video game sales for North America are in, and it looks like the PlayStation 4 stands on top once more. The PS4 has been the best selling how console for seven months running.

Sony recently announced at Gamescom that the PS4 broke the 10,000,000 sold barrier. That’s sold units, not shipped.

Microsoft did not release any sales numbers for Xbox One for the month, though at last count in April we know that it had shipped 5,000,000 consoles. Nintendo’s Wii U is up 135 percent over the same period last year, that comes again without specific numbers. It is, obviously, a marked improvement.

The PlayStation 4 seems to be holding its pace, and incredible feat for any new console. Do you own one?


Joey Davidson

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