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The Creator of Ikaruga is Working on a PS4 Exclusive SHMUP

by Joey Davidson | August 15, 2014August 15, 2014 9:30 pm PST


Black! White! Black! White! Bullets!

Man, I remember when someone first showed me Ikaruga. The game was exceptionally short, but its core mechanic and strong delivery were both so good that it was considered a practical masterpiece for shoot em’ up fans.

Your ship can change colors at the push of a button. Absorb black bullets as a black ship, and absorb white bullets as a white ship. That premise turned a simple SHMUP into something exceptional.

Ikaruga Director Hiroshi Iuchi is working on Ubusana, a brand new SHMUP exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Iuchi is working with M2, a Japanese studio best known for its expert abilities in re-emulating classic arcade games.

We’ll have more on Ubusana as it comes.


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