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Cross-Buy Confirmed for Journey and The Unfinished Swan on PlayStation 4

by Ron Duwell | August 15, 2014August 15, 2014 7:45 pm PST

I just got my snazzy new PlayStation 4, but the only problem is I don’t have any games for it yet. At least I can look forward to playing Journey and The Unfinished Swan once they are re-released on the PlayStation Network, and I don’t even have to pay again!

That’s right. A PlayStation Blog comment from Santa Monica Studios’s Aaron Kaufman has confirmed that players who picked up the popular PSN games on PlayStation 3 don’t have to pay again. Both Journey and The Unfinished Swan will follow in the footsteps of Flower and flOw by supporting cross-buy.

As for if I want to, that’s a different story. I think The Unfinished Swan is a bit of a “one and done” kind of game. Journey, on the other hand, is definitely something I’d like to experience again with better hardware behind it. Beauty aside, the game is also guaranteed to be re-populated with whole new adventurers to indirectly interact with, meaning I can once again enjoy the best kind of multiplayer, the kind that isn’t stuffed down your throat and forced upon you.

No release date yet for the PlayStation 4 versions of Journey and The Unfinished Swan. We’ll let you know when it happens.

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