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Samsung Finds a Creative New Way to Mock Apple Fans

by Jacob Kleinman | August 14, 2014August 14, 2014 1:00 pm PST

samsung apple wallhugger ad

It’s no secret that Samsung and Apple don’t really get along, and the South Korean company’s never shied away from poking fun at its biggest rival in public. Now the Galaxy-maker is taking the battle to new levels with a fresh ad campaign that promises to hit iPhone owners where it hurts most: their battery life.

Samsung has already used the term “wall hugger” to describe iPhone fans while touting the Galaxy S5‘s large battery and impressive power saving mode. Now the company is placing small ads around airport wall outlets. The new ad campaign was first reported by CNET, and Samsung confirmed the small posters are heading to airports in New York, Chicago and elsewhere.

Will these ads actually work? Samsung’s power saving mode really is great, especially if you’re used to running out of battery life by the early afternoon. Then again, Apple fans may be too busy staring at their iPhone screens to even notice the ads at all.


Jacob Kleinman

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