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Coin Card Coming Soon – “Claim Coin” E-Mails Going Out Next Week

by Todd Haselton | August 14, 2014August 14, 2014 10:00 am PST


Late last month Coin, the company behind the card that’s supposed to replace all of the credit cards in your wallet, sent out an update that explained it was receiving “overwhelmingly positive” feedback from its partners. Today, Coin sent out its latest update offering the best news yet for anyone who backed Coin when it was first introduced last year.

The firm said that Coin is on its way and that, starting next week, folks who backed the product will begin to receive “Claim your Coin” e-mails. The letter will allow you to tell Coin where to ship the device, and who to send it to. You’ll then need to wait for the iOS and Android apps to launch, Aug, 28 and Sept. 25, respectively, and the app will show you your expected shipping date.

“The shipping schedule is pre-determined based on when you pre-ordered your Coin,” the company explained in an e-mail Thursday. “The day on which you download the app does not affect your shipping date.” So, don’t worry if you’re busy on Aug. 28 or Sept. 25 and can’t download the app right away. The roll-out should be a smooth one; Coin said it has more than 1,000 beta testers around the United States already using the card and providing feedback.

We hope the shipping times aren’t too long, but we’ll know soon enough.

Todd Haselton

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