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Tearaway Unfolded Coming to the PS4, Here’s the First Trailer

by Joey Davidson | August 13, 2014August 13, 2014 8:30 pm PST

I adored Tearaway last year on the PS Vita. It, alongside the likes of Persona 4 Golden, define the need for the handheld platform.

When Media Molecule took Sony’s stage at Gamescom yesterday with Tearaway tunes behind them, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course, as the presentation rolled on, it became increasingly obvious.

Media Molecule is bringing Tearaway to the PlayStation 4.

Tearaway Unfolded will feature the same adventure and story we experienced on the PS Vita. However, it arrives with a new set of mechanics and puzzles based around the DualShock 4.

You’ll be able to use the controller’s LED to shine light on the world and grow things. You can swipe left or right on the touchpad to create a burst of wind. I’m even sure you’ll be able to do some tilting.

Whatever the case, I loved Tearaway so much that I’m completely ready to roll through the adventure again on the big screen.

The title is set to release on the PlayStation 4 next year.

Joey Davidson

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