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Bloodborne Gameplay Trailer is Dark, Victorian

by Eric Frederiksen | August 13, 2014August 13, 2014 6:30 pm PST

FROM Software, creators of the Demons’ Souls and Dark Souls games, unveiled during Sony’s Gamescom press conference the first gameplay footage of their upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Bloodborne.

Mechanically, it doesn’t look like it strays too far from the Dark Souls formula, even using elements like the white mist the Souls games use to separate areas. That’s not a bad thing, though; the huge monsters are already looking awesome even in this short demo.

Stylistically, though, things appear to have moved from a medieval setting to something a bit more Victorian, maybe even Steampunk-inspired. This is more the domain of something like Frankenstein’s monster than of ancient kings.

The change of setting has me excited to see how the Dark Souls formula translates. And of course, this PlayStation 4 exclusive is already great-looking.

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Eric Frederiksen

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