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Samsung VR Hardware Leaks Out in New Image

by Brandon Russell | August 12, 2014August 12, 2014 3:28 pm PST


Ahead of Samsung’s big IFA reveal in early September, an image of what appears to be the company’s VR headset has leaked. As a bonus, the device, which looks a lot like an Oculus headset, is sitting next to what looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S5, suggesting its new technology won’t just be compatible with the company’s upcoming Note 4.

The Verge’s sources claim the device will indeed be shown off in early September, meaning it’ll likely coincide with the Note 4’s unveiling. Codenamed “Project Moonlight,” the headset will reportedly take a page from Google’s Cardboard project, which essentially offers an enclosure and uses the screen from your smartphone to fully create a virtual reality experience. The most recent Oculus developer kit teardown revealed Samsung was already playing a major role in VR, and it looks like Oculus repaying Samsung with design advice.

It’s not clear if Oculus and Samsung worked together on the headset you see above, but it wouldn’t be a surprise given all the recent evidence. VR has become an area of intense interest over the last several months, and we might start to see it become more widely available through Samsung’s new project. However, a recent report claimed the company was running into manufacturing issues, so it might be a few months before the VR headset is actually released.

There’s not much else to discern from the above photo, though that controller sure is something to note. Once this headset is announced, one thing important to the device’s success will be price. Google’s Cardboard project is proof that VR isn’t that expensive, so how will Samsung position this once it’s released? $60? $99?

The expensive part is the smartphone, which most people will already have. We’ll have to wait and see what Samsung does when the company reveals its VR device on Sept. 3.


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