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Nexus 6 May Shows Up in New Benchmarks

by Brandon Russell | August 12, 2014August 12, 2014 10:45 am PST


We weren’t too surprised to hear that Motorola might be making the Nexus 6, which we’re expecting to come out later this fall. The Moto X was essentially a Nexus device already, and offered some truly great software tweaks that still hold up to this day. Now, the alleged handset, known as Motorola Shamu, has shown up on GFXBench, adding more weight to the device’s existence.

The benchmark test was spotted by Dutch publication TechTastic, though it’s difficult to extract definitive information from what’s being presented. A report from The Information last month claimed the device would sport Active Display and an always-listening feature, much like the Moto X offers now. Additionally, other reports claim the device will sport a fingerprint scanner, rounding out what may very well be the dark horse for smartphone of the year.

Other possible details include a 5.9-inch Full HD screen and Snapdragon 801 processor, though beyond that is a mystery. It’s becoming very clear that Google’s Nexus program is indeed here to stay, with the possibility of not only a Nexus 6, but a Nexus 8 on the horizon as well. LG has already said it’s not involved in Google’s Nexus handset program, so all signs are definitely pointing to Motorola being involved.

It’s odd how these things work out; Google purchased Motorola, only to sell the company to Lenovo. Now the search giant is tapping the famous handset maker, which is also going to release a Moto 360 and a possible follow up to the Moto X, called the Moto X+1, later this year. Last year’s Nexus 5 showed up at the end of October, so perhaps that’s when we’ll see an announcement.

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