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iPad Air 2 to Launch With Improved Display, Enters Production

by Jacob Kleinman | August 12, 2014August 12, 2014 8:00 am PST

Apple’s tablet sales aren’t what they used to be, but with two new iPads expected to launch this year the company may be able to boost interest in the devices with a few flashy new features. Now a new report from Bloomberg says the upcoming iPad Air 2 has already entered production with an anti-reflection coating for an improved display.

Bloomberg’s source claims the new iPad Air will be easier to read. We’re guessing the new anti-reflective material will be particularly useful under direct sunlight. If it really works the new technology could even give Apple an edge against Amazon’s electronic ink Kindle readers, though it’s also possible this could just be another incorrect rumor.

Last week we finally got a look at the iPad Air 2 after three photos of the rear panel leaked out, revealing a bit more about its design. Apple’s new tablet appears to pack a bigger speaker than last year’s model and a more prominent rear microphone for recording video. We’re also expecting a new processor, more RAM and Touch ID, though it’s still too soon to say much of anything for sure.

According to Bloomberg the iPad Air could launch in late fall or early winter, giving Apple plenty of time to promote the device ahead of the holiday shopping season. There’s also the new iPad mini, which will likely be announced alongside the bigger tablet but may not feature the same anti-reflection coating. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon, though there’s still no word on when Apple’s big iPad event will take place this year.


Jacob Kleinman

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