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Imgur Calls for an Open Internet in FCC Comments

by Jacob Kleinman | August 12, 2014August 12, 2014 10:00 pm PST

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Last month a ton of major tech companies threw their support behind net neutrality and an open internet. Now Imgur is speaking up against the FCC’s proposed fast lane system as well in an online comment that explains why net neutrality is so important.

Without an open internet, Imgur probably never would have been able to launch, let alone become the photo and GIF-sharing juggernaut it is today. The site was created by a single college student, the kind of person who couldn’t afford to pay extra for access to an internet fast lane. Considering how many internet success stories were born on college campuses (Facebook, Google and Snapchat to name a few) the death of net neutrality could mean the death of internet innovation as well.

Imgur goes on to argue that internet service providers (ISPs) should be reclassified as a regular utility. The move would give smaller companies the ability to negotiate on equal footing with giant ISPs. Even if Imgur had a winning case it could still lose out simply because it doesn’t have the resources required for a drawn out court battle.

After the FCC first proposed a fast lane solution it opened up the doors to public comments. Since then over a million people, companies and organizations have filed their own opinions. Next, the FCC will host a series of live online meetings to discuss the issue, which should make for an interesting few weeks as the debate over net neutrality continues to heat up.

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