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People Are Ready to Buy the iPhone 6 Before Even Seeing It

by Todd Haselton | August 11, 2014August 11, 2014 10:10 am PST


There’s a lot of excitement around Apple’s iPhone 6. That’s largely because, unlike last year, Apple is likely to make a big jump in the industrial design instead of simply an iterative one, as we usually see between jumps from an iPhone and an iPhone “S” device. A new survey from R.W. Baird cited by¬†Barron’s shows that there’s even a large percentage of folks who are ready to buy the next iPhone before even seeing it.

According to the R.W. Baird data collected in July, 6.8 percent of survey respondents are ready to upgrade to the iPhone 6 “site unseen.” In other words, they’re ready to buy whatever Apple tosses on the market, likely because they’re already fans of what Apple has launched in the past. R.W. Baird does warn that the increased interest from February, when 4.4 percent of buyers were ready to buy the iPhone 6 site unseen, could simply be within its margin of error, but “nevertheless [it views] the early interest positively.” The firm also found that 34.4 percent of existing iPhone owners are ready to upgrade.

Unfortunately this data isn’t often collected for other smartphones, so we don’t know how many folks are ready to buy the Note 4 “site unseen,” when that launches in September. We know Samsung and other Android makers have huge fan bases, too, but it’s noteworthy that there are folks who are so dedicated to a brand that they’ll buy a phone before even hearing what it offers or seeing it.

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