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Twitter’s Translation Feature Mysteriously Disappears

by Jacob Kleinman | August 8, 2014August 8, 2014 2:00 pm PST

twitter headquarters logo sign

Earlier this year Twitter introduced a Bing-powered translation tool for tweets in foreign languages, but today the relatively new feature appears to have disappeared. The Next Web first noticed the change earlier today, though it’s unclear exactly why Twitter pulled the plug.

Twitter is constantly experimenting with new ideas, so it’s never a big surprise when the company adds or pulls a feature without any explanation. Still, translation seems like a pretty essential tool for a service that prides itself on its global user base, so it seems likely we’ll see the feature return in the near future.

It’s also worth noting that Twitter translations weren’t the most reliable, possibly because the company wasn’t tapping more sources. Hopefully Twitter is getting ready to unleash a better translation engine. In the meantime you can always translate any foreign tweets for yourself by using a third party solution.


Jacob Kleinman

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