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T-Mobile Launches Awesome Device Unlock App

by Todd Haselton | August 8, 2014August 8, 2014 9:00 am PST

T-Mobile recently launched a new Android app that allows users to unlock their smartphones without the need to walk into a store. Unlocking a phone allows you to pop in SIM cards from other carriers, but you need to meet some T-Mobile requirements before you can do that. Trouble is, right now it’s only limited to the Galaxy Avant, with no word on when it will hit other phones, if ever.

All U.S. carriers are now required under law to allow a user to unlock his or her device, so T-Mobile’s just making it easier for Galaxy Avant owners. You’ll need to make sure you’ve paid it off in full first, however, which means covering the entire equipment installment fee (EIP), not just what you paid at the check-out counter.

T-Mobile does have an awesome feature we haven’t seen before, however, which allows you to unlock your device temporarily for 30 days. Heading to Europe for vacation? Unlock the device, hop on a flight and buy a temporary SIM when you land. It sounds awesome, but we have no idea how it works or what sort of restrictions there are. Do you need to have half of your device paid off first? We don’t know, but we’ve reached out to T-Mobile for clarification.

The app is live in Google Play now, though T-Mobile hasn’t said which devices are supported just yet. Hopefully we find out more information soon.

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