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Facebook Wants to Make Full-Length VR Movies for Oculus Rift

by Jacob Kleinman | August 8, 2014August 8, 2014 6:00 pm PST

Oculus Crystal Cove 001

Oculus Rift is still primarily a gaming device, but Facebook has hinted at plans to extend virtual reality into new areas like education, communication and even social media. Now it looks like the social networking giant may have another idea for the VR headset: full-length hollywood movies.

A new report from The Information claims Facebook has been meeting with Hollywood executives to discuss the idea of making movies specifically for Oculus Rift. The tech blog cites four anonymous insiders who say the company is looking to work with a major movie studio.

Unlike other movie gimmicks like 3D, watching a movie with Oculus Rift could actually offer an entirely new experience. Using the headset’s motion sensor you could even explore a room while the story played out in front of you, blurring the line between film and video game. Don’t expect the first Oculus movie to arrive any time soon though. The Information says Facebook is just feeling out Hollywood at this point to see if there’s any interest in the idea.

Jacob Kleinman

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